Are you an entrepreneur? Would you like to join one of the largest food franchises in Portugal?

Luzzo started out in 2014, in the city of Lisbon, in Rua de Santa Marta. The Franchise was launched 2 years later and it has been growing since then. In 3 year time, Luzzo has become so much more than an innovative and quality restaurant. We are a proud group of more than 20 restaurants nation-wide.

With 27 restaurants open and with the goal of having 30 units open in the first quarter of 2023, Luzzo has the best professionals to support its business, and with an innovative concept that allows not only the success of our franchisees, but also recognition from you customers.



Pizzaria Luzzo can be described as modern, relaxed, cosmopolitan yet bold. All the restaurants offer an informal feel nonetheless, they maintain a high standard, serving exquisite pizzas.

“Let’s create a Luzzo World”

Our service is based on digital menus in which the client is the leading actor.
Our Franchisees are, not only entrepreneurs who want to become part of a successful brand, but also food lovers.

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